In Memoriam Harry van Dalfsen

In Memoriam Harry van Dalfsen

While staying at his home in Portugal this past week, Harry van Dalfsen was diagnosed with inflammation in one of his hips. Rapid deterioration of his condition led him to be admitted on 18 October, where he was shortly after moved to the ICU. He underwent kidney dialysis and blood transfusions throughout the day, but all help in the ICU was to no avail and he passed away that same evening. It is very likely that an aggressive bacterium was the cause, causing blood poisoning and organ failure.

As founder of the family business Venture Group, he was the creator of many companies, including Vadain, VConsyst, VD&P, V-Access..

Harry started selling carpets from the back of his car almost 50 years ago. In the time since, he used his exceptional entrepreneurship to found a family of companies that are now active worldwide. Vadain and VConsyst are among the top international companies in their sector.

Besides his entrepreneurship, Harry was also very active during his life as the chairman and board member of multiple organisations. In the textile industry alone, he was chairman of Modint and President of the International Apparel Federation (IAF) for many years. He was also heavily involved in local politics and in various (sports) associations. For this, he was appointed Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau.

His social commitment expressed itself most as the founder and driving force of the Sampark Foundation, which provides education to children and young adults in India.

Although Harry was increasingly focused on his retirement in recent years, he remained deeply involved with the companies he created.

From the members of the Executive Board of the Venture Group and the management teams of the various companies to the people of the Sampark Foundation and the many employees and relations he was involved with, Harry impacted the lives of many. He will be sorely missed.

At the same time, his entrepreneurship and passion inspire us all the more to carry on with the companies of Venture Group and continue to have an impact on all the markets in which we operate as a 'family of companies'.

Our hearts go out to his family and we wish them strength during this difficult time.

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