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Legal Advice and Collections 

VD&P Juristen is a legal advice and collections office. The company has a one-stop-shop principle, through which the entire process from debtor management, collection, supporting repossession of lease objects, legal advice and litigation can be contracted out.

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Advertising Agency

Meinderstma Reclame supports organizations through creatively integrating available and relevant media so that the message is spread effectively within the correct target group. Meinderstma provides services during strategy and concept development as well as during the development of the actual campaign. 

Meindertsma reclame

Website Hanzeland Personeelsdiensten
Personnel Services

Hanzeland offers structural or temporary consulting in the P&O sector. Hanzeland's main activities are recruitment and selection, temporary staffing, secondment, payroll and outplacement. Hanzeland is a young and dynamic company, which has grown into a mature service provider in a short period of time. 

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Venture Group
Financial and Administrative Services

Venture Group itself is responsible for the financial and administrative activities of the entire corporation. In addition, Venture Group works together with the companies in the group to develop and decide on strategies. The management team plays a crucial role in this.

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