A rich history

Foundation in the 70's
Vadain (Van Dalfsen Interieur) was established in 1974. Harry van Dalfsen only had one seamstress on board at that time, and he delivered the curtains himself in his car. In the years that followed, the workshop grew continuously to over 600 employees at home and abroad. The growth was fed by the strength of the company, namely offering total solutions, delivery reliability, flexibility and service. Today Vadain is market leader in the Netherlands, with offices in Europe and Asia and has development, software development and logistics in-house.


During the 80's: established of VConsyst
During this period, Harry had the idea of designing an automated solution for storing valuable goods using an automated locker system. The basis for VConsyst was laid with the establishment of VandaClusa. VConsyst has now become market leader for total solutions in the sports, recreation and waste markets, and is represented in Spain, Portugal, Germany, America and England.

VD&P was created in 1991
Harry completed his legal studies in 1990 and started a legal firm focusing on commerce: VD&P Juristen. The strength of the legal firm was - how could it be otherwise - in its total package: from collection to litigation.

Venture Group after 2000
A five-person management team was established in 2000, consisting of Arjen van Dalfsen, Harco Kolk, Edward Roosendaal and Pieter Veuger – with Harry van Dalfsen as Chairman. It has a vision, and with this, determines strategy and policy. This policy comes to life in the various companies. The most recent scion is Meinderstma, an advertising company that focuses on advertising strategy, concept development and campaign development. In 2008, Vadain was rechristened: Venture Group. This was chosen to reflect the multi-faceted nature of the companies, which Vadain Beheer no longer covered. After a successful almost 30-year history, the multi-faceted and internationally-operating company Venture Group has more than 1000 employees worldwide in ten different countries.

The driving force

The growth achieved by Venture Group, from Harry van Dalfsen's first steps on the entrepreneurial path to a group of companies with very diverse activities, was nourished by the company’s strengths: offering total solutions, reliability, flexibility and service. Venture Group now has a wealth of knowledge and experience in many sectors, which keeps the holding strong. The entrepreneurial spirit of the founder still forms the driving force behind Venture Group, within all the various companies.